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November 26, 2010

DAY 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas with Aly & Molly

Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season

First, I try to do it in one big swoop, setting aside the money and getting it all at once. I try to get it when everything is on sale at the same time. If there are a few items left then I know I can look for those to go on sale. I also said I wasn't doing Black Friday and I put my foot in my mouth on that one. But I made the hubs go, so at least I didn't have to battle it out. But they were having such a great deal on the Leapster Explorer games and that is what we are getting for my oldest, Ava. I couldn't pass it up. I did offer to go but I don't do well in large crowds, so I wouldn't have been able to concentrate and get anything accomplished. At least, it would have taken me much longer than him b/c I would be walking around in circles. I was on the phone with him the whole time price comparing with my ads and I also sent a list with him. So I think it worked out pretty well. I also got their birthday presents while he was there b/c they had such a good sale on them. They are getting fold out slumber princess chairs!

Second, I always hit up the Gymboree on Thanksgiving online. I usually have a coupon and get the best jingle deals. This year I was sadly dissapointed b/c the jingle deals were awful. I did get some stuff b/c they had everything 30% off and I had the coupon.

And lastly, I took advantage, probably too much advantage on the Gap 50% sale. It was a mad house and I got there much later than I wanted to but it was so worth it.

I would say the biggest tip is to make sure you are getting the best sale possible. And sometimes it is hit or miss. A lot of times the sales are better before Thanksgiving and sometimes they are better after or on Black Friday. All I know, is that my husband got the last Leapster Explorer in pink. Not sure if they will put more out or not. But my mom got the new dancing Mickey Mouse before Thanksgiving when she found it because the manufacturer did not make enough and it was sold out already at the places I had looked. My mom said they had them for sale on ebay for like a couple of hundred dollars. They were sold out last night at ToysRUs so I am glad she went ahead and got one.
I know this was a little long but those are about all the tips I have, I am making some gifts too so that should cut down on some expenses. Even with all these tips, I have already spent too much money but I will now go through some stuff and weed it out as to what I actually need and don't need.

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