God can Heal a Broken Heart but He has to have all the Pieces.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

March 17, 2011

The things given up~Thankful Thursday

Thankful for God's grace and healing this week.
My grandmother (Mamaw) who has been in the hospital all week, I am thankful it wasn't anything worse and that she is starting to recover
My parents (without them, I might fall apart)
My Aunt who is keeping my girls for me in the afternoon's and has been taking such great care of them
The spray tan I am getting from my friend's tanning salon this morning (and yes, I am already running late but I think giving thanks this AM was important) I am far too pale and the weather has been far too nice...so she is giving me a present!!! Love presents!
That I haven't exactly pulled ALL my hair out from this week at work (you know what I am talking about, we all have those weeks/days)
I watched the Passion of the Christ this past weekend for the second time, and it hit me in a whole different way than the first time I saw it when it came out. Lots of things have changed in my life and as we grow into a relationship with Christ and learn more of what was given up, thank you, thank you Jesus for your sacrifice to allow us to have the undeserving grace that we are given. I don't know if I am strong enough to take on what you did for all believers. Very painful for me to watch. And Mary, watching her son suffer so, being helpless, I felt a huge aching for her after seeing what my parents have gone through, knowing her Son paid the price for us all; what a Woman she was. I don't think there has ever been a strong woman and mother. Just looking at her face, in such agony gave me chills.
Let's carry on with the rest of our week, hoping to give thanks for all we do not deserve but have been given!
Undeserving Grace

With Love,


  1. That was a lovely post. I Know that without the Lord being my strength each day, I would not make it. I makes me wonder, how do people without Him, ever make through life. Have a blessed week and I am happy for you that your Grandmother is better.

  2. Continuing to pray for your Family Heather.
    So glad you got the spray tan. I got one once but couldnt stop giggling as it tickled so much (does it have to be so cold?). It will make you feel good & that is so important.
    I have watch The Passion of Christ many times. It is such a powerful movie. The first time I watched with my Husband at the Theater. WE held hands. My husband cried, & I have only seen tears in his eyes a few times in our 25 years together. I did too, but my tears were of joy that God loved us so.
    The next time was with our daughters...I worried if it was too powerful for them. But they took it well for 12 & 14. Then again with the oldest and my confirmation group (permission from parents of course). Each time I watched my faith grew. I think it was made very well. Very powerful indeed.
    Have a Blessed weekend~
    Will continue to pray for you & your family♥


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