God can Heal a Broken Heart but He has to have all the Pieces.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

March 10, 2011

Thankful through the Rain

As I sit here at my brothers grave , as I have once again got things confused, messed up for the day. I thought my daughters 5 year check up was this morning at 10 so I have rushed around all morning picking up, trying to get some laundry done and literally getting ready in 15 minutes. As I drive I saw on my calendar an appt. I knew it was for her appt so I was going to check it off. Turns our it's at 2:15. Great there goes the day I had planned. Getting only 5 hrs of sleep she could have gone to school and now I kept her from going and left myself even more exhausted from my 5 days of working until 1am. It is my day "off." tomorrow school is out....my mind wanders into everything that goes wrong.
I stop to see my brother whom I am missing like crazy more and more as it is sinking in more & more he's not coming back and I long so badly to just touch him & give a simple hug.
In all of this pain and feelings of inadequacy I look at my daughter and thank God she is here for me to hug & kiss, to love, even on our days of butting heads, she is still here. I could find a thousand things I do not understand in this world, but there are a million+ things to be thankful for and 1 of them is holding her "magic" wand anxiously wanting to get out of the car to see her Uncle. Even if he is not here physically I am
Thankful his memory is there in her heart. There is always sunshine even in the rain.
God bless, with love,

Undeserving Grace

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  1. Im here visiting from the Thankful Thursday List from Undesrving Grace. WOW!
    First hugs to you!
    May the Lord continue to carry you on His wings of love hope and healing that you might one day be able to shae the healing you ahve so richly been givne to others who hurt as you do.
    A daughter. i love daughters. i have three.
    Her magic today is the gift that God is givng through her eyes to you.

  2. I am with you even when I but heads with my children I am still thankful that God blessed my life with them

  3. Your post was so thought provoking.... Really makes you want to stop and take a few moments to truly be grateful for memories and people in them! I nicknamed my daughter when she was about 2wks old" sunshine" for very good and obvious reasons. We butt heads enough sometimes too much b/c she is at times wise beyond her years but they have no comparison to the joy she brings me than i'm so thankful for.
    Thankyou for linking up today I enjoyed reading about the blessings in your life!
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  4. Hi Heather~
    Janis here from "Just Breathe Janis". Im from Indianapolis Indiana. I stumbled upon you this evening and feel God brought you to me.
    I have been writing in my Blog for almost 4 years.
    I too am a Daughter of Christ, A wife of 24 yrs to my Hubby, and Mother to two wonderful daughters (ages 20 & 22).
    I have found my blog to be a wonderful tool for me to cope with issues in my life, and feel validated. I have found wonderful friends around this big ole world that have similar interest, and similar situations. I have learned new things and I have found my faith grow, even when I felt it was at the highest.

    I write about minor as well as major things. mostly my life, thoughts and dreams. Im touched when I find I am getting prayers from people across this world.

    Although I am very Blessed, I have had some difficult times and I struggle with depression & anxiety. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I could feel so bad when things are "picture perfect" from the outside. I have a supportive Husband and my girls love me so. I have a Sister, family & friends. And I have the best Therapist.

    Sorry to ramble like this. I had a funeral this evening (friends mother that lived a Blessed life). But it is just shy of a month after losing a dear close friend at the age of 49. My Hubby and I will feel okay, then something will make the loss raw again. I miss him terribly.
    I started Blog Hoping this evening to get my mind cleared and think happy thoughts.
    Stumbling onto your blog gave me a smile. So thank you~
    I look forward to reading more.


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